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Almendra Bertoni (born in 1998 in Buenos Aires) is a multi-disciplinary artist from Argentina,
currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Her practice encompasses painting and sculpture. Her work challenges and examines religion, questioning taboos, such as sex and intimacy, with boldly surreal works that are all underpinned by extensive research, and are shaped by her interests in Renaissance art,contemporary churches, and past masters.


Her compositions often feature contorted bodies, airy architectural spaces, religious imagery, and vibrant hues, paying homage to the rich visual traditions found in Surrealist paintings. Central to Bertoni's works is her use of three-dimensional elements. She seamlessly incorporates wooden panels into her works, which serve not only as frames but also as sculptural extensions of her canvas. Her
subjects always appear faceless, to avoid solidifying their identity and to allow a higher level of relatability to her audience, as her sex-positive figures inhabit dream-like atmospheres, full of Christian symbols (often through animals or natural elements), references to contemporary life, relationships, love and indulgence. Exciting, carnal, and full of honesty, Bertoni's practice is one of personal vulnerability and also empowerment, as her headless figures navigate a vibrant world full of questions, combining something of our shared lived experience, with equal parts heathen and holiness.



Savannah College of Art & Design


Pratt Institute

Solo Exhibition


Pray For Me, IRL Gallery, NYC

Group Exhibitions

2024 Future Fairs,IRL Gallery, New York, NY

2024 Body Language, IRL Gallery,Los Angeles, CA

2024 Threshold, New Image Art, Los Angeles, CA

2023 Satellite of Love, IRL Gallery / Double V Gallery, Paris, France

2023 Nature Holds a Mirror, Ambar Quijano, Online Exhibition

2022 Serendipitous Splendour, Seefood Room, Hong Kong

2022 This Is Not Surrealism, Dinner Gallery, New York, NY



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